How to Fix Hydraulic Chair in 2023?

Introduction: How to Fix Hydraulic Chair

Fixing hydraulic chairs is not a big trouble anymore. You never know when your chair will start sinking or going down. Such a chair gives an uneasy sitting experience. Many ways and hacks have been introduced to fix hydraulic chairs. Below we have penned the respective details. Common solutions you can opt for include greasing the components, using a PVC pipe, adding a hose clamp, or replacing the whole cylinder.

It seems very awkward when you sit on a chair that keeps going down. Be it the chair for office or home use, it should give a relaxing and productive sitting experience. Working on a chair that sits like a Titanic, just imagine how scary it will look! So, let us see how to fix hydraulic chairs and make your working space safe.

What is a hydraulic chair?

Hydraulic chairs are commonly used in dental clinics. They use pumps as well as valves to circulate the hydraulic liquid and ensure optimal positioning and operations of the chair. In addition, these chairs have pneumatic or gas cylinders. The main purpose of the cylinder is to take the pressured power all the way through a chamber and move the piston to the respective location.

Why do Hydraulic Chairs Keep Going Down?    

Hydraulic chairs keep going down because they have become worn out, old, and excessively rusty. Frequent use makes them sink as well. Moreover, a damaged cylinder push that chair to become less functional! If the chair’s lever or valve is not workable, the chair will eventually go down and show a sinking behavior.

Method to Fix a Hydraulic Chair

We have mentioned a few of the methods that will repair your sinking hydraulic chair. Instead of throwing away the chair and buying a new one, you can repair and fix it if the issues look minor. Below are the methods of how to fix hydraulic chair

Lubricate the components

The first easiest method is to lubricate the components of your sinking hydraulic chair. Inspect the mechanical parts thoroughly and see whether they show any signs of rust and friction.

Greasing the rusty components will hopefully solve the problem. It is assumed that regularly oiling the affected parts prevent the chair from sinking. Like, you must lubricate the lever, valve, nuts, bolts, and screws.

Experts have stated that chair components become rusty because of the moisture and humidity present in the air. Forgetting to grease the chair components will only make them rusty. They will make the chair go down, sink, and push it to produce unwanted squeaky and irritating sounds. Many oil types are available in the shops. Keep one pack of the bottle always at your home or office, and get rid of having sinking hydraulic chairs.

Hose clamp and duct tape method

The hose clamp and duct tape method have proved to be the most effective for fixing a hydraulic chair. Here you can learn how to perform it:

  1. Before you proceed with this solution, make sure to adjust the desired chair height.
  2. Put the hose clamp around the cylinder and wrap it up properly with duct tape.
  3. It will act as an additional holder and prevent the chair from going down.
  4. Testing the chair is a must! Once you have finished the process, test the chair to see if it needs more changes, improvement, and or any slight changes to be made.

The only drawback of using this method is that duct tape will lose its grip as time passes, so it is believed to be a temporary solution. You have to wrap the hose clamp with tape again as soon as it loses its grip and holding power.

The PVC pipe method

The PVC pipe method can quickly fix hydraulic chairs. Look for the pipe that is of somewhat more or less width of the cylinder. Remove the piston, place the PVC pipe and screw it back. The only requirement is to follow this respective approach with very much accuracy and preciseness.

Furthermore, the applicability of this hack can work for months and months. As compared to the hose clamp methods, users prefer this method extensively.

Replace the cylinder of the hydraulic chair

The last hack you can conveniently follow regarding fixing a sinking hydraulic chair is replacing the cylinder. Weak or damaged cylinders wear out the mechanized components of the chair and make them go down or sink ultimately.

Many people have claimed that replacing the cylinder fixed their sinking hydraulic chairs. That is the best solution that you can opt for! It will benefit you in the long run.

Look for a professional and ask for further advice. If you do not know to replace the cylinder, seek expert services. Simply discard the old cylinder and replace it with a new, high-quality type.

Once you have installed a new cylinder, ensure to do the testing! This will give an endorsement and authenticity that you have properly installed the cylinder, and it will no longer sink as well.


Thus, these are the top ways that show you the right direction for fixing hydraulic chair chairs. Wrapping up! Greasing and properly lubricating the components, replacing the whole cylinder, opting for the PVC pipe method or the hose clamp and duct tape method.

Never sit on a sinking chair and try fixing it as soon as possible. Whether you are at home or office, sitting on such chairs will bring immense awkwardness, uneasiness, and discomfort.

You can certainly try out these simple methods for fixing hydraulic chair and share with us which one you find the best one. It is time to bid goodbye to have sinking hydraulic chairs. Prefer following the above-written hacks and tips, you are good to go. Sooner, we will in-depth explore the world of hydraulic and other chair types, so do not go anywhere.

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