Best Steps How to Fix a Squeaky Office Chair in 2023

Call them squeaky, noisy or highly-pitched chairs; the choice is up to you. They appear problematic when you try moving them from one place to another or sitting on them. So, how to fix a squeaky office chair?

The common and workable solution is to apply lubricating oil to the office chair’s bolts, nuts and screws. In doing so, the joints will loosen up, and the chair will not produce unwanted irritating sounds. Chairs do experience wear and tear. It is completely normal for any chair to become loud and rusty.

Below we have further collected the details that will certainly help to fix squeaky chairs in one go:

Guide to fixing squeaky and noisy office chairs

Spraying good-quality lubricating oil on the chair mechanism will solve 90% of your problem. Just take a soft cotton cloth, apply lubricating oil, and rub that cloth onto the nuts and screws of the chair.

We have come up with a step-by-step guide. Hopefully, your chairs will stop making annoying noises, and you can better concentrate on your work.

Below are few steps how to make office chair stop squeaking

Step 1

Properly check and inspect the screws, nuts and bolts. Turn over the chair and keenly check every component of its hardware. If you notice that some nuts and bolts have become loose, then tighten them using a screwdriver. It is generally seen that loose nuts or screws cause chairs to become noisy. Furthermore, loose bolts cause some of the chair parts to rub together excessively and irregularly and thus create a disturbing and pinching noise.

Step 2

Once you have checked and tightened the loose nuts and bolts, if the problem persists, you need to start greasing the chair mechanism. Get premium-quality lubricating oil and apply it on every nut, bolt and screw. The application of oil loosens the joints in no time.

Moreover, spray oil directly on other chair mechanisms. Once you are done, pat dry all those sectors where you have applied the oil. Lubricating the chair parts regularly seems important because moisture in the air cause rust, and this directly affects the nuts and bolts.

Step 3

There is a chance that your chair still produces slight noise even if you have greased its mechanism. In such a case, it is suggested to remove all nuts and bolts of the chair and lubricate them one by one using light machine oil.

Step 4

Put back the nuts and bolts and test whether the chair is squeaky! You can sit on the chair for testing sake or ask your friend to do that. Properly observe and hear from which area the chair produces the unwanted noise. In that condition, you can lubricate that affected section once again.

Step 5

Roll the office chair back and forth as well. This will give you a double assurance that the problem has been fixed. Besides, apply silicone spray on the wheels.

Office chairs move a lot, and the chances of having noisy wheels are common over there. Applying silicone spray over the wheels will prevent them from making sounds. Simply turn over the chair and start spraying on the wheels. The silicone should be spread evenly on the entire wheel.

How to fix squeaky Wooden Chairs


Wooden chairs make irritating sounds, so what is the best way to fix them? Below are few steps how do you fix a squeaky office chair


Step 1


You need to inspect the wooden chair properly; it is marked as the first and foremost mandatory step that you have to perform. Look for loose nails, legs and screws. It is commonly due to loose legs and not so tight back that wooden chairs make disturbing sounds. Push and pull the chair legs and backside and notice how much sound they make!


Step 2

Position the wooden chair in an upside-down form. Or you can flip the chair on a table in an upside-down style. In this manner, you can easily and smoothly inspect problematic areas. Opting for an upside-down position, no unwanted pressure will come on the chair legs and back.


Step 3


The next step is applying glue on every loose joint you have spotted on the wooden chair. Many strong and high-end wood glue products are available in the shops. Purchase any of them. The application of wood glue stabilizes every loose leg joint. Just push the glue into the loose joint and allow it to dry completely. Avoid flipping the chair back to its normal position until the glue fully dries.

Wipe away the excess glue with a wet rag. If you think that the loose joints condition looks severe, it is recommended to keep the wood glue consistency thicker. And that you can do by adding wood filler to the respective glue. It is strongly assumed that a thicker wood glue mixture tightens the loose joints and stabilizes the chair legs in the best manner.

Step 4

For those wooden chairs that have extremely loose legs, it is advised to use wood-swelling liquids. Remove the legs from the chair one by one and apply the wood-swelling liquid properly. Chairs squeak because the dowels shrink. And the usage of such glues or liquids expands the dowels.

Step 5

At times, wooden chair hardware becomes totally worn out. So what to do in such a situation? You must replace the wooden joint plugs, nails and, in fact, the whole hardware. Try adding reinforcement with more good-quality nails or bracket hinges. This will make the wooden chair sturdy.



So, these are a few effective solutions that make you learn how to fix a squeaky office chair, rust and loud chair into completely silent. One method that will do wonders is applying lubricating oil on nuts, bolts and screws and greasing the rest of the chair mechanism. We believe now you have clear idea about how to fix a squeaky office chair. You can share with us any time how you get rid of the rusty and noisy chairs. Stay tuned with us too!

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