How to Stop Office Chair from Going Down? 2023

Introduction: How to Stop Office Chair from Going Down

Sinking chairs are always problematic to use. They go and slide down and give the most uncomfortable sitting experience. It is a common problem spotted in chairs that they often sink as time pass.

Here you can check out some of the authentic ways how to stop office chair from going down. The first genuine tip is to use a hose clamp. Or you can utilize a PVC pipe. Both of these solutions prevent the cylinder from sliding down.

A good-quality chair always stands the test of time. They hardly sink or slide down. However, if it shows a slight amount of sinking behavior, you must deal with that problem wisely. Every chair will go down or sink with time, so there is no need to panic.

Why do chairs go or slide down?

As mentioned above, all those chairs which go or slide down are called sinking chairs. Chairs sink because the pneumatic piston valve starts to leak. The minute it shows a leakage problem, you must take some serious action.

Furthermore, to fix the valve, also known as the chair cylinder, you might have to replace the piston or buy a new chair. Many people have believed that replacing the piston has turned out to be such a challenging task. The sinking feeling remains assumed to be a common occurrence in executive style and office chairs.

Many pneumatic office chairs have single-acting cylinders. It is filled with air. Whenever the piston gets moved out of the chamber, all air that is present inside the chamber will start to expand. This processing will thus push the office chair to slide down or sink. Note that if the problem persists regardless you have followed all hacks, it means the cylinder has gone out of order, and you have to get a new chair.

What happens when you sit on a chair that goes down?

Uncountable problems occur both health and work-related when you sit on such uncomfortable chairs:

  • Sitting on sinking chairs will bring uneasiness and awkwardness.
  • Those chairs that always go or slide down prevent you from focusing on your work.
  • Your back hurts a lot when you sit or relax on these chairs.
  • For those people who have a history of backache, sitting on a sinking chair will further worsen their health problems.
  • Your body posture becomes clumsy and slouchy.

Methods to fix office chairs from sliding or going down

Generally, two methods might help you repair the office chair from sliding down. Using a hose clamp or PVC pipe will definitely help you out. Below methods are listed how to stop office chair from going down

The hose clamp method

You need a screwdriver, 3/4″ hose clamp, and duct tape to perform this method.

  1. The first step is to move the plastic skirt. This will expose the cylinder of the chair.
  2. Set the chair at the ideal height. You can lie down on one side if it fails to stand up properly.
  3. There is a chance that the plastic skirt covers the chair’s cylinder. In this case, you must first remove the plastic skirt. Simply turn the chair upside down, push the retainer clip right at the bottom via screwdriver and gradually pull off the wheels.
  4. Once you have removed the plastic skirt and the cylinder is visible, you need to wrap the hose clamp around the topmost part of the cylinder. Loosen the screw and pull out the belt.
  5. Apply more force and grip on the clamp by wrapping the cylinder with duct tape.
  6. Now, you can once again tighten the clamp at the top of the cylinder.
  7. Pull and rotate the screw fixture.
  8. You are almost done! Test the office chair, sit on it and see whether it still goes down or not.

The PVC pipe method

You need a ruler, PVC pipe of appropriate length, and a saw for cutting pipe to perform this respective method.

  1. The very first step is that you have to take measurements of the chair’s cylinder. Get a ruler; it will help you take exact and proper measurements.
  2. Note that you have to measure the length and diameter of the cylinder. These measurements will help you determine how much PVC pipe will be used.
  3. After recording the measurements, buy the PVC pipe of desired length and diameter. You will make this pipe get fit onto your chair cylinder.
  4. Match the PVC pipe and cylinder height once again. Cut the additional pipe length with a saw if the height does not match.
  5. Now, you can simply slide the pipe right onto the cylinder.
  6. One of the last steps is to reveal and completely expose the metal cylinder by sliding down the plastic skirt.
  7. That is all! Your office chair will no longer sink or go down. It is recommended to test the chair once again after you have completed the whole process. If the chair still goes a bit low, you can attach more pipe lengths properly onto the cylinder until and unless you catch up with the desired height.

By following these above methods you have the idea how to prevent chair from going down


Thus, the hose clamp and the PVC pipe methods seem to be the most effective methods to stop office chairs from going down. If you have tried out any one of these methods, let us know about your results and experiences.

Sinking chairs have become a common thing these days. This is not a permanent problem, and you can definitely resolve this issue on your own. Sitting on a sinking chair for hours, you will experience excessive discomfort, and backache problems will also occur. So, prevent every office chair from going or sliding down. The whole problem lies in the chair’s cylinder. We hope now have got the answer of how to stop office chair from going down. For more updates, keep tuned and in touch with us.