How to Close a Cosco High Chair? Best Complete Guide in 2023

Introduction: how to close a cosco high chair

Gone are those days when you have to struggle a lot regarding folding and storing cosco high chairs. Go through this guide, and you will come to know the right way how to a close cosco high chairs.

The process involves removing the tray and folding the seat and legs together. These chairs have become immensely popular and seem to be budget-friendly and convenient to use for babies. These are foldable chairs. When not in use, fold them right away.

The folding mechanism embossed in this chair is user-friendly to understand. Let us jump onto the details and eliminate the struggle of closing high chairs without experiencing even a little trouble. In below section we will let you how to close a cosco high chair

Guide to close and fold a cosco high chair

Below you can see the steps regarding how to fold a cosco high chair

Step 1- Remove the tray

The first step is to remove the tray. It is recommended to clean it once you take it out. You can clean it with soapy water. Furthermore, avoid washing the tray in a dishwasher.

The proper way to remove the tray is to first look for the side handle buttons. These are wedge-shaped buttons located along with the seat’s side railings.

Press both of the sides handle buttons together and slide out the tray. You will hear a ”click” noise, indicating that the tray is ready to be pulled out.

Step 2- Stand behind the high chair to start folding

The next step is to fold the cosco high chair. What you need to do is to stand behind the chair. Remember that the backside of the chair should be facing you. In this way, it will be easy and simple to fold the high chair without investing much time and effort.

Step 3- Look for the latches

Look for the latch release triggers. It is generally seen that one latch release trigger is present on each side of the high chair. Or you can spot them underneath the side railings.

Once you have located the triggers, pull them up simultaneously. You might have to apply more force because, at times, the latches get stiff.

Step 4- Pull the triggers

Pull the triggers in an upward direction. This can be done by grabbing a latch release trigger and pulling it up. For pulling them up at the same time, it is suggested to rest your thumb on some stationary part of the high chair and use the remaining fingers to press the latch trigger.

The minute you are going to press the triggers, the cosco high chair will start lifting upward. You must continue lifting until and unless you hear the sound of a ”click”. It signals that the latches have been released.

Step 5- Release the triggers

Pulling the triggers will release them right away. This step will collapse the high chair, and you can, later on, fold it. Note that the below-written section will tell you how to fold the remaining chair parts.

Step 6- Hold the whole chair together and rotate the seat properly toward the legs

The next step is to hold the whole chair together and rotate the seat properly toward the legs. You must grab the legs as well as the side railings altogether.

Rotate the chair seat toward the legs. It is done by pushing the cloth-covered back and seat down and forward. You need to continue pushing until the chair seat and back have been placed directly next to the legs.

Step 7- Push the cosco high chair seat forward

Get ready to push the seat in a forward direction. First of all, push it downwards and make sure to align it with the chair legs. In doing so, the seat will come forward.

Step 8: You are done!

That is all! You have almost completed the cosco high chair folding process. The golden rule is to keep pushing the whole chair together until it fully collapses. Remember that these high chairs do not have any straps or buttons to hold them together. So, holding the top and bottom chair parts with one hand is advised.

How to store a cosco high chair?

On folding the high chair, you must plan where to store it. Below-mentioned details will give you a clear direction on how these cosco high chairs should be stored:

  • Experts have suggested storing the high chair horizontally. Avoid storing it vertically, as it might get damaged.
  • You can place it underneath a chair or table or some similar structure like these.
  • The tray you have removed, rest it on the top of a folded chair. This way, no risk of losing it will be there.
  • If you want to store the chair vertically, slide it into a very narrow corner that is generally present between two structures. Moreover, the space has to be extremely narrow enough. This way, the seat and legs will remain together in a firm holding position. If the space is not narrow, the folded chair will fall back open.
  • For those who want to store the cosco high chair for an extended period, it is advised to keep it in a cupboard. Or you can keep it in your basement. Avoid placing the chair outdoors for extended times.
  • You can place the high chair at the side of a cupboard or even against the wall.


Now you know how to close a cosco high chair. Undoubtedly, these chairs are so much loved by babies and parents. They are primarily used by babies around six months of age. The minute your baby starts sitting up on his own and eating solids, you must get a high chair. Rest, the guide on folding and storing the chairs is above-mentioned. You can follow it, and in case of any confusion, you can ask us anytime.

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