How to Sleep in a Chair? Comprehensive Guide 2023

Introduction: How to Sleep in a Chair

It looks definitely possible to sleep on a chair if the bed is not available. In fact, you can enjoy having a super-comfortable and relaxed sleeping time on it.

How can all this be done? Here we are going to tell you. Firstly, you must prepare your sleep site and collect bedding items, including a pillow and blanket. Keep your feet elevated, and make sure to support your head with a pillow. This is the basic way to sleep in a chair.

You can even add a scarf to the backside of your chair and wrap it properly around your head to get extra support. Adding another pillow for catching up with more neck support is recommended.

So, if the bed is unavailable and you are dying to sleep, look for a comfortable chair and get a good sleeping time on it. The below-mentioned guide will tell you how to sleep in a chair and how to optimize your overall sleeping experience on a chair.

Guide to sleep on a chair

Below important points can guide us how to sleep in a chair

  • While lying on a chair for sleeping, cover your whole body with a blanket. It depends on the room temperature what blanket fabric you need. Moreover, tuck the blanket under your legs and shoulders if it is freezing cold.
  • Remember to elevate your feet if you are sleeping on a chair. Here you need an ottoman, coffee table or stool. Just keep your feet completely elevated and off the floor. Besides, put a pillow right under your feet to gain additional support. Keeping legs in an elevated pose prevents cramps and poor circulation.
  • Take a pillow and support your head on it. It is recommended to get a pillow that stays in its place and gives thorough support to the neck as well. If the pillow is unavailable, as an alternative, you can have a rolled-up sweatshirt or towel.
  • If you find trouble sleeping on a chair, opt for the 4-7-8 breathing technique. It will help you clear your head, and you can better focus on the sleeping part. The extra oxygen this breathing technique produces is a “natural tranquilizer and makes it easy to sleep.
  • Stay as much relaxed on the chair as possible. You cannot fall asleep right away if your mind is distracted. It is advised to turn off the room lights, switch off your phone and turn on soothing music.
  • Lastly, adjust the chair! Bring it to your comfort level. Whether you want to flip up or remove the armrest is up to you. In addition, adjust the chair’s angle and bring it in a more comfortable and relaxed reclining pose.
  • Chairs having a reclining feature are the best pick for sleeping purposes. They let you take a nap without aching your body.

Preparing the sleep site- What materials and supplies do you need?

The below-mentioned details will tell you how to prepare the sleep site:

Look for the best-quality chair

You need to look for an appropriate and comfortable sitting chair. If it is a recliner chair, then that is best. Recliners have high backs and arms, supporting your back and neck sufficiently. You can easily shift your body if you have a recliner.

Collect every bedding item

Collect bedding that includes a pillow and blanket. It is better to get a larger blanket so that you can cover your whole body and keep it warm enough if it is a cold night. Furthermore, find pillows which support your back and beck. Experts have suggested opting for U-shaped travel neck pillows.

Set up a peaceful, calm and soothing atmosphere

Create an atmosphere of peace. You cannot have a relaxed nap if your mind and body are already in a distracted position. Creating an atmosphere of peace will assist the person with sleeping. So, set up a soothing and calming environment. Turn on the scented candles, keep the room dark and plug on the headphones to listen to your favorite song.

More tips to keep in mind

Below you can check out more tips:

Wear loose-fitted clothing and avoid wearing tight clothing

You must wear loose-fitting clothing when sleeping on a chair. Pajamas are, so far the best option. Loose clothing lets you shift your body without trouble. Tight-fitting clothing brings discomfort as long as you are having a nap time on a chair. Take off items like ties, belts, shoes, jewelry, and eyeglasses before sleeping on a recliner.

Drink warm milk to relax your mind

Experts have advised drinking warm milk or a cup of herbal tea for people who often sleep on a chair. In doing so, they can immediately fall asleep on chairs, and no hassle will be experienced at all. A warm drink before going to sleep clears the mind, removes unwanted thoughts and brings your mind to the most relaxed state.

Use a soft pillow and soft blanket

Using soft pillows is a must! They can perfectly support your neck and head and promise added comfort at the same time. Apart from using a soft pillow, the blanket should be soft too. Both of these items ensure a sense of coziness, and you can quickly get sleep on a chair.

Elevate legs or wear compression socks to prevent leg cramps

Elevating legs or standing on toes while sleeping on a chair prevents leg cramps. It also stops the occurrence of blood clots. If you cannot find a stool or coffee table to elevate your feet, you can wear compression socks as they fulfill the same purpose.


Thus, that is all about the useful details on how to sleep in a chair. From now onwards, you will have an extremely relaxed sleeping or napping time on a chair. If you often sleep or nap on recliners, please share how you prepare the sleep site and yourself. More details are yet to come, so stay tuned and connected with us.

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