What is a Chair Massage? The Best Guide in 2023

Introduction: What is a Chair Massage

The most traditional massage therapy technique is a chair massage. In this technique, the individual remains seated in an upright position and fully clothed. If you want more details on a chair massage, you can go through the information below.

This massage is quite different from a table massage. In table massage, you are laid on a table and get undressed. In addition, chair massage lasts for 10, 15 or 20 minutes. The body parts primarily treated under this massage category are the back, neck, head, hands, shoulders and arms. The whole process is done on a traditional massage chair.

All about chair massage

what is a chair massage?. Chair massage is conducted on a traditionally designed massage chair. The massage is usually targeted on the head, back and shoulders. It is also known as seated massage. There is no need for the person to undress. He sits on the chair in an upright position with clothing on and massage is carried out.

Benefits of chair massage

  • This massaging technique offers uncountable benefits, including reducing muscle tension, easing muscle knots, improving breathing and treating headache-related problems.
  • You see a significant reduction in your stress and tension levels. Moreover, chair massage improves the focus as well as the attention level of recipients.
  • This technique is widely embraced in offices. Employers go for chair massage while at work to improve their mental focus, motivation and productivity.
  • Treatments like these make your body fit and active. You do not feel tiredness and aching.
  • The therapist makes use of a mixture of acupressure techniques and applies them across your back, shoulders as well as arms, hands, neck and even onto your head.
  • It is specifically intended for people who do not have time to go to the spa and opt for massage therapy. Just invest in a traditional massage chair, and you are good to go.
  • Furthermore, a chair massage makes dealing with body breakdowns and acute injuries much more effortless.
  • It has immense healing benefits, and its use dates back more than 5,000 years.

How is chair massage different from table massage?

Since we are discussing what is a chair massage now we will look at how is chair massage different from table massage?

  • Chair massage is done on a chair. The recipient does not have to take off his clothing. No oils are needed for massaging.
  • A table massage is done on a table, and the person has to remove his clothing. Here special oils are required to perform the massage.

Why do people prefer chair massage?

The practice of touch pushes people to go for chair massage instead of using an electric massage chair option. It is assumed to be a workable and result-driven healing method which people have opted for since centuries.

People from East and West strongly believe that chair massage has natural healing properties, quickly relieving pain and preventing and curing other illnesses. It has significantly helped people reduce stress and keep their bodies as relaxed and tensed-free as possible.

Body areas targeted by chair massage

With chair massage, you can get a spa-like experience anywhere and anytime. No doubt, this practice has brought convenience. 15 to 20 minutes are enough. The targeted areas which will receive massage are your back, shoulders, arms and neck. Your muscles will receive instant relaxation. Besides, this technique improves balance, movement and flexibility.

Note that you remain ergonomically seated on this specialized massage chair. Your face rests in a cradle, and it will be looking down. On the other hand, arms are supported by a shelf. Hence, opting for a chair massage will be the best decision to improve your well-being.

The importance of conducting chair massage at work

We all know that workplaces sometimes become the most stressful spot. Employees no longer enjoy working over there, feel immensely stressed out, lose focus and are distracted by petting things.

So, to bring their productivity and morale back on track, the trend of chair massage is heavily spotted at work. It is scientifically proven that massage promises stress reduction and makes employees work, think and feel better.

Another study has highlighted the importance of opting for chair massage at work. Massages reduce anxiety, in fact, 15 minutes of chair massage seem enough to boost energy levels and reduce stress.

Most importantly, on-site chair massage brings a lot of improvement in circulation and increases the blood flow to help the overall healing process in the body. Besides, it prevents the production of stress hormones and lowers high blood pressure-related problems.

With such a massaging technique, you can re-awaken and refresh your body, mind, soul and spirit. Experts have claimed that chair massage increases oxygen levels reaching the brain and develops your mental focus ability. Massages reduce absenteeism at the workplace too!

Who should opt for chair massage?

You should go for chair massage if you want to surround your mind, body and soul with a meditative-like calming effect. It brings out your mind from the stress-filled state; you start feeling relaxed and happy. Even more, massages improve mental health conditions, and common ones include anxiety and depression. Employees working in fast-paced work environments must regularly get a chair massage.

Highly competitive industries have made it mandatory for their employees to go for chair massages at least once a week. They offer this benefit free of cost to their employee. With a single session, you feel an immense lifestyle change and enter a better position to craft a work-life balance.


That is all the basic information on what is a chair massage! Gone are those days when massages were preferred only for personal use. They have now made their significant mark at workplaces too. Chair massages have become a crucial need of employees.

According to them, this massaging therapy heals their soring muscles, and aching joints, improves productivity and morale and multiplies their concentration level. You can share with us if you have ever tried chair massage therapy and what results you get. Stay tuned with us on this platform and let us know if you have any queries on this massaging technique.