Can I use a massage chair while pregnant ? 2023

Experts have come up with a big NO regarding using massage chairs during pregnancy. It is assumed that this practice leads to premature labor and miscarriage if a pregnant woman spends time on a massage chair. So far, no conclusive and full-proof evidence has been collected. Overall, it is recommended to avoid sitting on a vibrating massage chair. It can even lead to jabs, cramps, pains, and aches. We will discuss further in this post; you can check them out and must see this post

Introduction: Can I use a massage chair while pregnant?

We will be discussing more about can I use a massage chair while pregnant and will be trying give you the clear idea

Why you should not use a massage chair during pregnancy?

You must avoid using such chairs during pregnancy because this practice will lead to many problems like premature labor, miscarriage, body aching, and pain. Some experts have come up with this statement too that as far as you are using it correctly, no danger is there.

One of the primary concerns linked with massage chair usage during pregnancy is that its vibrations might harm the baby. Furthermore, the acupressure points could activate early labor. Some chairs have a heating feature; if you set it on the highest setting, it will overheat your body, again becoming risky for mother and baby.

Side effects of using massage chairs while you are pregnant

We have further elaborated on the details of side effects which pregnant women might encounter if they sit on massage chairs:

Risk to the baby because the vibrations are intense

Vibrations produced by massage chairs are so intense that they will pose an immense threat to the baby and mother. It is recommended to set the massage chair on a low setting. High vibration settings are not at all recommended. They remain vigorous enough and cause harm to the belly.

Acupressure points trigger labor

It is somewhat believed that acupressure points trigger labor. Pressure applied onto the massage chairs seems intense enough, and prolonged use might cause premature labor.

The heat coming from the massage chair overheats the body of pregnant women

An overheated body sounds dangerous for pregnant women. The heat coming out from the vibrating massage chairs excessively overheats the body of pregnant women. This ultimately raises the body temperature. In the same way, hot yoga, saunas, and hot tubs are not suggested during pregnancy.

When you must not use a massage chair during pregnancy time?

It is always a good idea to skip the practice of using a massage chair, especially during pregnancy. Whether you are in your first or last trimester, avoid using a vibrating chair.

  • If you often get morning sickness, it is not advisable to use massage chairs. For pregnant women who experience severe morning sickness, vibrating chairs make them immensely nauseous and sick.
  • For women having sciatica, massage chairs are not intended for them at all. Such chairs lead to more pain and aching and further irritate your sensitive muscles and nerves.
  • The combination of massage chair and back pain does not sound good if you are pregnant. Your condition worsens if you spend a short time on it.

What to use instead of a massage chair during pregnancy?

If you want to get a massage during pregnancy and your doctor has advised you to avoid using a massage chair, there are other alternatives that you can go for. Staying active, resting, and opting for physical therapy are the workable solutions to deal with body pains and aches.

Opt for an active lifestyle

It is a must for pregnant women to opt for an active lifestyle. Staying active will relieve their body pains for sure. In addition, regularly going on walks will strengthen your back and prevent other severe aches and pains.

Take a lot of rest

If you believe that massage chairs are risky for your baby, the other way to ease your body pain is to take a lot of rest. Resting gives long-term relief and eliminates every possible aching and soreness from your muscles.


Experts have advised opting for the elevation technique if a pregnant woman encounters aching and numbness in her body muscles. What you need to do is to put your feet up. In doing so, the swelling problem will get solved and no discomfort will exist.

Go for gentle stretches and slow walks

Going for gentle stretches and slow walks helps pregnant women deal with body pains and discomfort. The popular prenatal stretching practice is the cat pose. Here you are going to stretch your back, or you can also use a foam roller to stretch your hips. Moreover, too-tight glutes result in immense lower back pain as long as you are pregnant, so going for gentle stretches is recommended!

Physical therapy

Pregnancy leads to massive aching, swelling, and numbness. Experts have suggested going for physical therapy sessions to tackle these existing problems on time. This one is a recommended technique that all pregnant women prefer, and they have received satisfactory results. Get in touch with a professional physical therapist and he will perfectly and accurately treat your problem.

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage

Lastly, you can go for a traditional pregnancy massage instead of using a massage chair. It is the healthy and most effective practice embraced by women about to enter motherhood. Besides, it is the safest massage process and poses no slight risk to the mother and baby. Traditional massage reduces body aching, swelling, stress, and tension. It improves circulation and sleep patterns as well. You must get this massage from a licensed massage therapist.


We hope you have now understood why using massage chairs during pregnancy is not a good idea. Overall, it might lead to miscarriage as well as preterm labor. Vibrations produced by these chairs overheat the body, raise body temperature, further worsen body aches, and irritate muscle nerves.

If you have used a massage chair while pregnant, please share with us what negative results you experience! Stay connected and in touch with us.

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