Can you use a Vibrating Chair while Pregnant? Best Guide in 2023

We will be discussing about can you use a vibrating chair while pregnant in this blog post and you will have the clear idea after reading this post. Pre and post pregnancy phase is all about taking the best care of mothers and babies. Even a little negligence can bring their lives at the dangerous and riskiest spot. Here you can know whether vibrating chairs can be used by pregnant women!

Using vibrating massage chair the minute you enter the pregnancy phase, please never make this mistake. Studies have come up with this evidence that vibrating/massage chairs, when used by pregnant women, often lead to miscarriage and premature labor problems.

If you are craving body massage, it is recommended to go for a traditional massage session instead of an electric massage. Below we have further discussed how vibrating massage chair brings negative consequences to pregnant women:

Why should you not use vibrating chairs during pregnancy?

Experts have come up with valid reasoning that using vibrating chairs during pregnancy is not a healthy practice.

Sore muscles, backache and miscarriages

Using vibrating chairs on the highest setting gives sore muscles and backache. The electromagnetic fields coming out of these electronic massage chairs are hazardous for the baby’s health.

Premature labor and stimulated contractions

The vibrating chairs have stimulating pressure points located on their back. It is assumed that these pressure points trigger premature labor delivery, thus bringing the life of the mother and baby at risk. Moreover, prolonged use of massage chairs stimulates contractions which are also not healthy for pregnant women.

Blood clotting

Experts have repeatedly advised pregnant women not ever to use a vibrating chair. These chairs give a deep massage which is unsafe for the mother and baby. They might bring the problem of blood clotting.

During pregnancy, you must avoid massaging your ankles, hands, pelvis and wrists. These body parts have the highest risk of blood clots. If there is an emergency to give a deep massage to a pregnant woman, then go for very light and slow strokes on the legs and hands.

Vibrations produced by the massage chair hurt the fetus

Some doctors have come up with a noticeable study that vibrations produced by electric massage chairs hurt the fetus. Pregnant women should not expose their whole bodies to these vibrations. This increases the risk of miscarriages, premature births, and even low birth weight.

Your body gets overheated

Vibrating chairs produce heated vibrations, and constant exposure to these vibrations will bring the mother and fetus into a risky and hurting state. Moreover, frequent massage chair use damages muscles and may lead to pain, inflammation, bruises and other problems. We believe that now you are getting this answer that can you use a vibrating chair while pregnant

Why prefer traditional massage instead of getting an electric massage on a vibrating chair?

Getting a massage on a vibrating chair is not much effective for pregnant women. Traditional massage therapy gives impressive results. Furthermore, it fully relaxes every muscle and joint and eases anxiety, stress and depression. Traditional massage relieves back pain, labor pain and also leg pain. It improves circulation. Those women who have stepped into the pregnancy phase can look for a licensed and professional therapist and ask her to perform this massage.

When to avoid vibrating chairs?

It is during specific circumstances that you must avoid using a vibrating chair:

Pregnancy phase

As mentioned above, you must not use a vibrating chair if pregnant. Serious complications will be encountered and the mother’s and baby’s health and life will be at risk.

Severe morning sickness phase

If you are one of the persons who get severe morning sickness, refrain from using these chairs. It will worsen your condition, and you do not wish that at all.

Miscarriage and preterm labor phase

Those women who recently had a miscarriage or stepped into the preterm labor phase must stay away from using vibrating chairs. If you do so, your life will be at the highest risk, and the healing period will be delayed.

What options do pregnant women have instead of using a vibrating chair?

  • Pregnancy is about aching and severe pain; women crave an excellent body massage during this phase. Instead of using an electric vibrating chair, get in touch with a therapist and have the most traditional full-body massage.
  • It is recommended to do light exercises and stretching techniques to relieve back pain which you are experiencing during pregnancy,
  • You can wear a belly band, supportive shoes, and a back brace and keep your body in a good position during the pre and post-pregnancy phase.
  • Indulge yourself in physical activities, like walking or light swimming session. This will keep your body active, and you will no longer desire to use vibrating chairs during the post-pregnancy phase.
  • Ice packs can give you short-term relief.
  • Elevating your feet reduce swelling which pregnant women have often complained about.
  • Add prenatal stretching exercises into your daily routine. These exercises stretch your glutes and hips and treat back pain.
  • Get in touch with professional healthcare, and he can advise you what to prefer instead of using an electric vibrating chair.
  • It is recommended to perform Pilates and prenatal yoga.
  • Pregnant women must sleep with a pillow placed under their bellies and also between their bent knees. In doing so, they will catch up with much-needed relief.

Importance of getting a pregnancy massage

You must bid goodbye using vibrating chairs because they are risky for the mother’s and baby’s health. During this phase, pregnancy massage is recommended by top-notch healthcare professionals. It is safe and risk-free both for mother and baby.

Besides, this massage instantly relieves your leg pain, backache and sore muscles. It improves and boosts circulation. Prenatal massages are incredibly safe during the first trimester. Rest, you can talk to your physician to get a further better piece of advice.


If your friend or family member has entered the pregnancy phase, you must advise her not to use electric vibrating chairs. They are harmful to the baby and mother. Instead, you can suggest her get a traditional pregnancy massage. We have tried to answer this question can you use a vibrating chair while pregnant? Hope we have cleared this topic. You can share with us on this platform how you have passed your pre- and post-pregnancy times. Stay connected!

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