Razer Enki Gaming Chair Review. A Comprehensive Review 2023

For gamers, investing in a high-end gaming chair has become a priority. Without further ado, here you can check out the Razer Enki gaming chair review details. This exclusive chair has a humanized design and promises to give all-day comfort.

Furthermore, it has a built-in lumbar arch and is surrounded by an optimized cushion density. Using dual textured and synthetic leather makes it an eco-friendly gaming chair. It tilts up to 152 degrees and remains 100% comfortable and breathable to use.

The hollowed-out back and 90-degree flip armrests fully support the arms. If you are a dedicated and passionate gamer, this Razer Enki chair will be loved by you. The remaining details are written below on Razer Enki Gaming Chair review. If during any time you have used Razer chairs, let us know how much big fan you are of this brand:

Overview of Razer Enki Gaming Chair Review

Since we are discussing Razer Enki Gaming Chair review. In the past, gamers got neck and lower back strain because they used to play games for hours on low-quality chairs. Please stop following this practice now. An advanced-designed chair can transform your uneasy gaming time into easy-going for sure.

So, get your hands on this exclusive chair, which is the Razer Enki chair. It is intended for gaming marathons and promises to offer all-day comfort, which other traditional chairs have failed to provide. Moreover, it has 110-degree extended shoulder arches as well as a 21″ ultra-wide seat base.

When you sit on this chair, optimal weight is distributed, which is another bonus. The built-in lumbar arch relieves back pain, and you can enjoy playing games for as many hours as possible. You can maintain the best possible posture as the softer seat base gives a comfortable and cushier feel.

So, what’s the bottom line? We know gaming time can only be cherished if you sit on a quality chair. The Razer Enki chair can be the perfect pick for gamers. Its plush textured finish gives a smoother and more durable sitting time.

Razer Enki gaming chair review

Razer Enki gaming chair

Key Specifications

  • Dual-Textured and Eco-Friendly
  • 110-degree shoulder arches
  • Wide 54-cm seat base
  • Optimized Cushion Density
  • USP: All-day gaming comfort

Features of the Razer Enki gaming chair

No wonder the Razer Enki chair is truly an outstanding gaming chair that will be loved for years. Here we have penned what features and main traits are encased in it. So, let us see the details without further ado:

All-day gaming comfort

All thanks to 110-degree shoulder arches, you get non-stop comfort. And the seat base measures 54 cm so that optimal and most accurate weight distribution can be assured.

No unwanted pressure will come on your hips, shoulders, and back because the brand has promised to give long-lasting comfort, utmost relaxation, and perfect sitting time.

If you love becoming part of gaming marathons and your body often gets exhausted due to using low-quality chairs, in that case, you can have the Razer Enki chair.

Built-in Lumbar Arch

You will feel less drained and tired playing games while sitting on this reviewed chair. It is an excellent and expert-recommended model for more extended period gaming sessions. The lumbar curve supports your lower back and pushes your body to sit in a neutral position.

Optimized Cushion Density

It is fully endorsed from the brand side that unparalleled comfort is given. The optimized cushion density and the induction of a softer seat base give you the desirable cushier feel. Your back, shoulders, and waist do not feel heavy because of the firmer seat backing that delivers solid support.

Dual-Textured Synthetic Leather

One of the impressive qualities is that this reviewed Razer Enki chair is made of dual-textured synthetic leather. This eco-friendly fabric makes the gaming chair more long-lasting, super versatile, and epic enough to use.

You can see that the core areas of this chair are covered with the softest and plush textured fabric. This element ensures refined comfort, which is always much needed by gamers. On the other hand, the outer edges have been lined and embossed with smooth leather. Thus, this leather version withstands the utmost daily wear and tear!

Reactive Seat Tilt and 152-Degree Recline

Lastly, this chair shows a reactive seat tilt and also a 152-degree recline. You will not have any problem leaning back. The process completes effortlessly, and the reactive mechanism quickly reacts to your weight and lets you lay as far back as you desire.


  • It gives all-day gaming comfort
  • It has 110-degree shoulder arches
  • Promises optimal weight distribution


  • The delivery might come late


How to adjust the gaming chair?

You can adjust the gaming chair according to your sitting needs. It is generally recommended to sit down first and adjust the chair’s height, angle, and tilt by keeping your feet flat on the ground. Your legs must create a 90-degree angle and align your knees lower than your hips.

What angle should a gaming chair be at?

The suggested angle range is 90 to 120 degrees, in which your gaming chair should be locked! It is marked as the backrest angle that offers lumbar support and conforms to the natural curve of your lower back.

Where to lubricate a gaming chair?

Lubricate the rusted nuts, bolts, and screws of your gaming chair. In addition, apply it where the ends of the springs are touching the housing ends. Remember to apply the lubricating agent to the seat tension spring.


Here we are concluding Razer Enki Gaming Chair review. If you have always loved using Razer chairs, we are confident you will also praise using this reviewed Razer Enki gaming chair. Wrapping up!

It guarantees comfortable, relaxed, and safe seating time. The five-star feet, silent wheel, 3-stage pneumatic lever, 360-degree rotation, and assurance of long service life are all noticeable traits present in this exclusive product. Order it now and let us know your reviews and feedback about it. Stay tuned!

Razer Enki Gaming Chair review